Starting in March 2023, eligible frontline farm and meatpacking workers can apply for a one-time $600 COVID-19 relief payment through Pasa Sustainable Agriculture. Learn more.

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Building Equity for U.S. Farmers: A Talk with PA’s Agriculture Secretary

About this listening session: In February 2022, the U.S. Department of Agriculture created a first-ever Commission on Equity to analyze how USDA programs, practices, and policies can be improved to […]

IPM Perspectives: Vegetable Disease ID & Prevention with Dr. Beth Gugino

About this webinar: Find out how to recognize the early signs of diseases and take steps to prevent them. Taking an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach on sustainable and organic […]

Circular Success Story: How Philly Restaurants Won the Right to Reuse

About this listening session: Learn how a circular economy advocacy group, a zero-waste design firm, and a local restaurant teamed up to convince the City of Philadelphia that takeout customers […]

Alley Cropping at Many Streams Farm

This agroforestry case study highlights a nonprofit farm that worked with Pasa to design an alley cropping site plan that would address natural resource concerns on their land.

Alley Cropping at Weavers Way

This agroforestry case study highlights an urban farm that worked with Pasa and Interlace Commons to design an alley cropping site plan that would maximize space in their existing orchard.

Alley Cropping at Good Work Farm

This agroforestry case study highlights a draft-horse powered diversified vegetable farm that worked with Pasa and Interlace Commons to design an alley cropping site plan that would accommodate its unique goals.

Get to know: Alley Cropping

Get an overview of this ancient agroforestry practice that today’s land stewards can adapt to conserve and enrich natural resources while diversifying their income streams.

Digging into the Science of Nutrient Density

The concept of nutrient-dense food has been growing in popularity for decades, but how do we actually define and quantify it?

Listening Session: How Can We Help Schools Address Food Insecurity?

One out of every six children in Pennsylvania faces hunger. USDA child nutrition waivers are expiring. How can we protect and support vital school and community meal programs today?

Step Up Your Seed Starting to Grow More at Any Scale

Whether you want to increase your production space, or improve the efficiency of the space you have, you’ll find out about tools and techniques to germinate seeds faster, and grow healthier plants, and improve your bottom line.

New Soil Health Tools, Insights & Opportunities

Get research updates from Pasa and Rodale Institute, learn about new data management tools, and find out about funding opportunities to support soil health practices on your farm.

Creating Your First (& Second) Crop Plan

Learn how crop planning can help you increase production and efficiency on your operation.

2022 Farm Innovations

Farm Innovations from 2022 featured innovative planting techniques, on-farm alternative energy systems, and some time-saving DIY field tools!

Agriculture and Local Food Economies in the Appalachian Region

A new report from the Appalachian Regional Commission examines recent agricultural and food systems trends and emerging opportunities in the region, including Pasa’s apprenticeship programs.

Listening Session: What Do You Want in the Next Farm Bill?

Learn about what’s included in the current bill, and hear from our community about improvements they’d like to see in 2023.

Impact of COVID-19 on Pennsylvania farm revenue

Looking back at the 2020 season with the help of 300 farmers.

Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) Risks to Pastured & Organic Flocks

Hear from a panel of experts about the current situation with HPAI in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Designing Your Wash-Pack Station for Food Safety

Learn how to create a functional wash-pack station that is safe, efficient, and cost effective.

How (& How Not) to Apply for Agricultural Grants

With a wave of new grant opportunities and emergency funding for farmers, it can be tough to know where to start—or if you even should.

Listening Session: Climate Impacts on Farmworkers

What can we do to protect farmworkers from hazardous heat?

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