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We're a community of farmers and supporters, focused on education and evidence-based research, for the purpose of building a more economically-just, environmentally-regenerative, and community-focused food system.

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Quiet Creek Speaks Volumes

Thu, December 27, 2018

PASA volunteer Lisa Grazan shares her experience attending our workshop “Transition Truths: Taking Over an Established Farm Business,” hosted by Quiet Creek Herb Farm & School of Country Living. The workshop was part of our CRAFT event calendar. Seeking a place to plant roots, raise a family, and put their education and experience to good use, […]

Farm Bill (Mostly) a Triumph for Sustainable Agriculture

Fri, December 14, 2018

The 2018 bipartisan farm bill passed by Congress this week makes critically needed investments in sustainable agriculture. Among other beneficial outcomes for farmers and food producers, once signed into law by the President the bill will: provide mandatory funding to support the development of regional food economies and market data initiatives focused on organic production; […]

Mushroom Compost Q&A

Thu, December 13, 2018

  Jacob Chalfin, Laurel Valley Soils Did you know that Pennsylvania mushroom farmers lead the U.S. in mushroom production? This means that the rest of Pennsylvania’s farmers have ready access to post-production mushroom compost—a valuable organic resource. Like other kinds of compost, mushroom compost can be a useful tool for improving soil health by providing […]

Starting a Farm: One Couple’s Story

Wed, November 28, 2018

By Aaron de Long, Delaware Valley Hub Manager, PASA For many first-generation farmers, there is an undeniable romance to the notion of stewarding a piece of land and growing food for one’s livelihood. These romantic conceits can be quickly dispelled, though, once the work is taken up. Beyond meeting the physical challenges of farming as […]

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