Building and preserving soil health is a fundamental component of a secure food system that protects ecosystems and communities.

In this report, we share the latest soil health benchmark data we’ve compiled from our multi-year Soil Health Benchmark Study, a collaborative research project designed to help farmers monitor and evaluate the nuanced soil health strengths and challenges that can exist simultaneously within their fields.

This report details soil health benchmarks from the 2019 season, as well as soil health trends from farms who have participated in the study over multiple years.

Our study is one of the largest and most diverse community soil health research projects in the nation, amassing data from a wide range of farm scales and management systems, soil types, and farmer experiences. Since we initiated the study in 2016, we’ve worked alongside more than 100 farmers to collect soil samples and field management records from their pastured livestock, row crop, and vegetable farms in Pennsylvania and Maryland.