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Improving the Bottom Line through Integrating Grazing in the Modern Dairy

Farmer Matt Bomgardner of Blue Mountain View dairy farm discusses the economics and logic behind various management decisions on his third-generation dairy farm in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.

Once a primarily confined operation, Matt and his family have worked to incorporate more grazing into their management systems at Blue Mountain View—which is in the process of obtaining its organic registration—to create a more resilient farm operation. Matt and his family have been working with a profit team since 2011 to hone their management skills.

During this webinar, Matt shares the history and profile of his farm and discusses topics such as labor efficiencies, production income versus expenses, and herd genetics and grazing tactics, including maximizing stocking rates. Duane Hertzler, a longtime grazier and member of Matt’s profit team, joins the conversation as well.

This webinar is a good opportunity for those looking to begin or increase grazing strategies within their dairy operation to gain a better understanding of both the challenges and benefits of these practices. Current graziers will also benefit from this profile of a grazing dairy that has worked hard on understanding the numbers behind their management decisions.