Grass, Grain & the Developing Rumen

The grass-fed dairy and beef market is growing, but raising grass-fed animals can be a challenge. In this webinar, Delaware Valley University professor Chris Gambino will discuss rumen development in the pre-weaned calf, and the role grain can play at this critical time of life. Is grain necessary for the proper rumen function? If a certification does not allow grain to be fed, how does the livestock manager assure good health in the calf? Chris will look at current and developing research around this important area of livestock management.

Speaker information

Christopher Gambino is an assistant professor of animal science at Delaware Valley University. His teaching focuses on livestock feeding and nutrition, organic livestock management, and the policies of aligning agriculture production with environmental outcomes. He received his PhD in animal science from Washington State University, where he studied how nitrogen cycles in dairy and beef production systems. He researched rumen microbial populations, fed-nitrogen loss, and nutrient loss from manure management strategies. He also holds a graduate certificate in sustainable agriculture from Washington State University.