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IPM is a key approach for effectively managing and controlling weeds, pests, and disease on sustainable farms.

By implementing IPM techniques, farmers can prevent problems before they happen and better control those that do.

During this webinar, Ike Kershner will share his evolution in thought and application of IPM principles at North Star Orchard, from the farm’s beginning nearly 30 years ago to the present day. Ike will discuss the traditional sampling and trapping techniques he once used to determine pesticide applications in the orchard, and why he has moved away from this IPM strategy toward an approach grounded within the history of the farm and his own experience managing challenges on the land and in the trees.

Topics covered will include maintaining beneficial insects; rotating products to avoid resistance; optimizing applicator, employee, and consumer safety over product cost; and challenges that have emerged in recent years with the brown marmorated stink bug and spotted lanternfly.

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This webinar is being offered free of charge through support from a Specialty Crop Block Grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.