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One of the biggest obstacles for beginning farmers is finding land on which to grow their farm businesses.

A potentially effective approach is to consider working with farmers who are seeking to transition their land or business to new owners.

While transitioning a farm to new owners could have a number of benefits, from established infrastructure to market opportunities, it nonetheless presents a complex set of important considerations for all involved. Even farm transitions from one family member to another may not be as straightforward as it might seem.

In this webinar, representatives from PA Farmlink explain how they work in Pennsylvania to connect farmers interested in land with landowners looking for farmers. Also, Pasa’s executive director and Village Acres Farm co-owner, Hannah Smith-Brubaker, and Kimberton CSA co-owner Frank Kurylo, share their personal experiences navigating farm transitions.

Speaker information

Pennsylvania Farm Link has been devoted to creating farming opportunities for the next generation since 1994. It was established by folks with a vision for the future of Pennsylvania agriculture and a concern for the effective transition of Pennsylvania farm businesses.

Hannah Smith-Brubaker is the executive director of Pasa Sustainable Agriculture, as well as the co-owner operator of Village Acres Farm and Foodshed, together with her partner, Debra. Hannah and Debra worked with FarmLink in transitioning Village Acres from one generation to the next.

Frank Kurylo, together with his business partner Andrew Turner, took over Kimberton CSA before the 2017 growing season. The pair found their own path to a successful farm business transition that was both illuminating and challenging. Frank also serves as a representative for the National Young Farmers Coalition in southeast Pennsylvania.