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Establishing biosecurity protocols on your farm helps keep animals healthy by preventing the spread of disease-causing pathogens—even in the muddiest of pastures!

During this webinar, we’ll show you how to create a customized and effective biosecurity system on your pastured pork farm. We’ll start by defining a key concept of biosecurity: creating lines of separation. Lines of separation, or commonly referred to as the “clean/dirty line,” are the most effective way to manage pathogen transfer onto your farm and to your animals. We’ll also share examples of how to examine your farm for the best locations to establish lines of separation to prevent and minimize contamination.

Speaker information

Dr. Elizabeth (Beth) Hines: Dr. Hines is an animal physiology scientist with 12+ years of practical, hands-on experience and training in the swine industry, research, and education—from mating to marketing. Biosecurity is life in the swine industry, and the trick to effectively managing biosecurity on your farm means to customize it. Beth’s experience in living biosecurity day-in and day-out will help you understand how to apply biosecurity practically to your farm.

Brooks Miller, North Mountain Pastures: Brooks operates North Mountain Pastures, a small family farm dedicated to producing great food using ecologically sound production practices on 84 acres in Perry County, Pennsylvania. Animals are naturally raised outdoors, on grass, or in carefully managed woodlots and fed only non-GMO grain. Brooks and his wife Anna, joined by their children, have been farming together since 2006.