COVID-19 Resources

Agriculture is an essential, life-sustaining industry. The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture encourages all segments of the agriculture supply chain to continue operations throughout the coronavirus pandemic, including farms, farmers markets, CSAs, and farm stands.

All essential businesses that remain open should adopt safety protocols to limit the spread of the coronavirus while continuing to deliver food to their communities. This page includes a list of relevant information and resources to support farmers and local markets as we work together to adapt our operations and business models.

If you work with farmers or know farmers who do not use or do not have reliable access to the internet, you can let them know they can receive COVID-19 information by calling us at 1 (800) 268-1599, or our general toll-free help line at (844) 349-9856—dial x716 for a summary of COVID-19 guidance for the Pa. Dept. of Agriculture, or dial x717 for a recording of Pa. Dept. of Agriculture daily updates.

Note: Due to the rapid evolution of pandemic resources and relief funding cycles, we cannot guarantee that all resources listed on this page are up-to-date.

Informational resources


Health & Safety

Markets & marketing



Online sales platforms

The National Young Farmers Coalition has put together a document outlining the features and prices of direct sales software systems for farmers. View it here.


Financial support / funding opportunities

Spanish-language resources / Recursos en español


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