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Bill HeasomJoined in 2000

Blackberry Ridge FarmJoined in 1994

Bob and Michele AckermanJoined in 1992

Bob VernonJoined in 1995

Bobbie Hineline and Tom LjungmanJoined in 2002

Bret MillerJoined in 2011

Brett NicholsJoined in 2003

Brian BurgerJoined in 2006

Brian FutheyJoined in 1993

Brian, Paula Snyder and FamilyJoined in 2000

Bryan and Susanne PetrucciJoined in 1992

Bucky, Sherry Ziegler and FamilyJoined in 1992

Carl Callenbach and Linda HomaJoined in 1994

Carolyn SachsJoined in 1993

Cass PetersonJoined in 1992

Catharine, Gary Cox and FamilyJoined in 2008

Catherine and John SmithJoined in 1998

Charis Lindrooth and Michael Ahlert and FamilyJoined in 1997

Charles and Barbara GerlachJoined in 2002

Chip and Jeanne Clark and FamilyJoined in 2009