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Chip and Susan PlanckJoined in 1996

Chris FullertonJoined in 1994

Chris Wise, Rita Biddle, and Lila SollenbergerJoined in 1994

Christine, Robert Shabanowitz and FamilyJoined in 1994

Christopher WahlbergJoined in 2005

Chuck HassebrookJoined in 1993

Cindy and John IrwinJoined in 1995

Claire Murray and Hugh Lofting and FamilyJoined in 2002

Claudia Albertin and Glenn VernonJoined in 1998

Cynthia IbergJoined in 1992

Dale and Jack DuffJoined in 1994

Dan DesmondJoined in 1999

Dana StuchulJoined in 2003

Daniel and Lou Ann CollierJoined in 2005

Daniel, Amy Yocom and FamilyJoined in 1992

Darrell FreyJoined in 1995

Dave Lembeck and David HelselJoined in 2002

David DietzJoined in 2002

David SteckelJoined in 1992

David, Robbin Martin and FamilyJoined in 1994