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Grazing Infrastructure with Eli Mack

Benuel Blank 340 Booker Rd, Delta, PA

Learn the basics of electric fencing and watering systems for rotational grazing, then tour the pastures to see these systems at work.


Pasa 2023 Virtual Annual Meeting

Virtual Meeting

Whether you’re a Pasa member or simply interested in learning more about our work, we invite you to join our staff and board members for our 2023 Virtual Annual Meeting.


Two-Wheel Tractor Operation, Safety & Applications

Weavers Way Farms - Henry Got Crops 7095 Henry Avenue, Philadelphia

Get hands-on training with the BCS walk-behind tractor and learn how to integrate this equipment into your production plan.

Farmer Storytelling for Policy Change

RE Farm Cafe at Windswept Farm 1000 Fillmore Rd, State College, PA

Learn how sharing your farming experiences can help build a better Farm Bill!


Farm Bill 101: What Is a Marker Bill?


Hear from policy experts about how these mini policy packages help rally support for the big issues—and learn how you can take action!


Irrigation Systems for Urban Growers

Garden Resource Center 147 Putnam Street, Pittsburgh, PA

What water delivery system is the best fit for your growing space? Bring all your irrigation questions to this interactive workshop!


Regenerative Grazing with Ian Mitchell-Innes

Painterland Farms 908 Howland Hill Rd, Westfield, PA

Learn how to harness the energy of your pastures to improve the health of your herd, land, and business at this special two-day intensive!


Garden Dreams’ Net-Zero Plant Nursery

Garden Dreams Nursery 806 Holland Ave, Pittsburgh, PA

Check out this state-of-the-art, solar-powered greenhouse, and stick around for the post-tour potluck!


Sustaining Community at Plowshare

Plowshare Farms 111 Stover Park Rd, Pipersville, PA

Learn what inspired farmers Teddy and Faith Moynihan to make on-farm events, education, and research part of their business model.