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Jeanne Lurvey OpenTEAM Research Fellow


814.349.9856 x722

About Jeanne

Jeanne is a year-long research fellow through OpenTEAM, a technology ecosystem for agricultural management. She’s working to standardize data collection for our farm-based research and empower farmers with streamlined access to their records, results, and a community of peers.

Jeanne recently received her graduate degree in sustainability and environmental management. Her studies culminated in a consulting project with a natural foods company, applying soil health principles to the entire food value chain. Jeanne’s research revealed the need for field-level data to help farmers  adopt and fine-tune regenerative practices. Prior to heading back to school, Jeanne spent over 10 years as an art director and visual storyteller on cooking shows and cookbooks, working alongside chefs to provide culinary education to the public.

In her free time, Jeanne can be found in her kitchen, pretending to be a vegetable butcher, or looking for ways to get her hands dirty—be it volunteering on a farm or advocating for community composting.