Do healthier soils grow healthier food?

To many of us, it might seem logical that healthier soil could grow more nutrient-dense food. But how do we measure this and demonstrate it scientifically? Exploring links between the nutrient density of food and the soil it was grown in remains a young field of study—we often have more questions than answers.

In 2020, we partnered with Bionutrient Institute—a collaborative project that seeks to shed light on possible links between soil health and nutrition—to measure the nutrient content of crops grown by farmers participating in our Soil Health Benchmark Study. These analyses can help us understand whether different approaches to field management can produce healthier food.

In addition to supporting health outcomes, helping farmers explore links between soil health and nutrition could offer a new opportunity to educate eaters about the benefits of sustainable practices.

This project is supported by a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

What's the latest?

Watch a recording of a webinar we co-hosted with Bionutrient Institute to learn about the latest research examining possible links between soil health and nutrition.

Watch webinar

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