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Why become a master grazier?

  • Share your knowledge and skills within a structured program for mentoring a next-generation grazier.
  • Cultivate a skilled employee who is prepared for positions in management, partnerships, and farm ownership.
  • Receive professional financial analysis and business planning support.
  • Explore new models of investment, equity building, and farm transfer.
  • Make a difference in your own operation as well as in the life of an individual or family who is ready to own or manage a dairy farm.

Who is eligible to become a master grazier?

Master graziers are grass-based dairy farmers who have demonstrated excellence in managing cows on pasture, and who are committed to mentoring the next generation of dairy. Master graziers must have a minimum of five years of grazing experience.

Interested in applying to become a master grazier?

Contact Aaron de Long for more information.