Application Process

Step one

Complete and submit the Apprentice Inquiry Form at the bottom of this page. We’ll check to see if you meet the minimum requirements to become an apprentice. If you need additional experience to qualify, we’ll suggest ways you can obtain that experience.

Step two

Complete and submit the Apprentice Application. We’ll send this to you after you’ve completed the Apprentice Inquiry Form and we’ve confirmed that you meet the minimum requirements to become an apprentice. We’ll review your application, and if approved we’ll create an “apprentice profile” for you that we’ll share with qualified and approved master growers.

Step three

Arrange interviews with master growers. We’ll provide you with contact information for master growers whose approach to farming aligns with your goals and interests. Conversely, we’ll also provide your contact information to master growers who might be interested in working with you. Telephone, video, in-person, and on-the-job interviews are all acceptable, but must be mutually agreed upon by you and the master growers.

Step four

Set your course. Once you connect with a master grower you’d like to apprentice with, we’ll work with you and the master grower to develop an apprenticeship contract and set learning objectives for your experience.

Apprentice Inquiry Form

First, let's see if you're already in our network. If you are, we'll save you some time by pre-filling information we have in our records.