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Why become an apprentice?

  • Get paid for your work—earn while you learn.
  • Gain knowledge and experience within a structured program of support under the guidance of an experienced dairy grazier.
  • Develop skills that will prepare you for positions in management, partnerships, and farm ownership.
  • Receive professional financial analysis and business planning support.
  • Explore new models of investment, equity building, and farm transfer.
  • Achieve your dream of becoming an independent dairy farmer and help shape the future of the dairy industry.

Second-year apprentice Jessica Matthews shares her journey into dairy grazing in this blog post, “From Backyard Chickens to Grazing Cattle.”

Who is eligible to become an apprentice?

Apprentices come from all walks of life. Some are farm kids who want to go deeper in their training on the home farm, or want to work on another operation to gain a different perspective. Some are mid-life career changers, and some are recent graduates, interested in learning a trade that connects them to the earth and the food system in powerful ways. The only requirement in applying for DGA is a high school diploma or GED equivalent.

Interested in applying to become an apprentice?

Contact Aaron de Long for more information.