Online sales are becoming an essential part of running an essential business.

But with an abundance of e-commerce platforms there—it’s tough to know where to start! This webinar features an introductory demonstration from Local Line, a platform built specifically for farmers and food suppliers. It also includes discussion with a farmer who has experience selling online and will share insights on how e-commerce might best serve your business.

This session will be valuable for

  • Farmers and producers considering e-commerce options but not sure where to start
  • Farm market managers considering online marketplaces this winter or planning for next spring
  • Farmers and producers seeking CSA solutions

Speaker Information

Jordan van Everdingen has worked on the farm outreach team at Local Line since early 2018, educating farmers, food hubs, and farmers markets in the world of e-commerce. In under three years, Jordan has helped Local Line grow from being used by 50 farms and local food suppliers in just Ontario, to over 7,000 users across every state and province in North America.

Diane Cramer is co-owner of Cramer Farm, a small-scale family farm and CSA in Centre County, Pennsylvania.