Starting in March 2023, farm and meatpacking workers can apply for a one-time $600 pandemic relief payment through Pasa Sustainable Agriculture.

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The Pennsylvania Agricultural Surplus System (PASS) reimburses farmers for contributing food to the state’s charitable food system.

During this webinar with Tom Mainzer from Feeding Pennsylvania, which contracts with the PASS program, you’ll learn how you can participate in this program that connects fresh, nutritious food with local food banks, reduces food waste, and supports farmers. Growers who are currently involved in the program also share their experiences.

Costs associated with harvesting, processing, packaging, and transportation are eligible for reimbursement. In 2020, four million pounds of local food has been distributed to all 67 Pennsylvania counties through 13 partners that are members of the Feeding Pennsylvania and Hunger-Free Pennsylvania networks of food banks. Plan now to grow an extra bed or more for your community.

Learn more about the PASS program here.