Position Overview:

Through our Farm-Based Research projects, PASA is advancing an inclusive definition of sustainable agriculture that focuses on measurable outcomes, rather than a prescriptive set of practices.

That’s why we facilitate research projects among our members—who farm at diverse scales and employ a vast array of strategies—that measure the dimensions of sustainability they care about: the health of their soils, the nutrient-density of their products, and the financial viability of their farm businesses. Measuring these sustainability indicators let us establish benchmarks for what’s typical—and what’s possible.

With access to these data, farmers can see in measurable terms whether their production and business models are achieving intended results. They can also see where they stand relative to their peers, and collaboratively develop new management ideas to move the sustainability dial forward. At the same time, we can use our home-grown data to communicate the positive impacts our member farmers have on their communities and environment to consumers and stakeholders.

Started in 2016, PASA’s Farm-Based Research program is growing rapidly and now currently serves over 50 farms engaged in four research projects: Soil Health Benchmark Study, Diversified Vegetable Financial Benchmarks, Pastured Livestock Production Efficiencies, and Environmental Footprints of Grazing Dairies.

The Research Coordinator will help grow these research projects and build capacity to serve an expanding network of farms with essential data resources. This is an exciting opportunity to work directly with innovative farmers and grow a change-making model for agricultural research and education. 



This is a full-time, two-year, grant-funded position with intention to transition to permanent status, based on funding. Starting compensation will be $38,000 to $45,000 annually, depending on skills and experience. While remote work arrangements are possible, candidates should reside within a reasonable driving distance to be able to work from the Millheim, PA office as required. Regular full-day travel to visit farms and partners throughout Pennsylvania is expected, with occasional overnight trips. This position will be supervised by PASA’s Education Director, Dr. Franklin Egan.

Please submit a cover letter and resume to jobs@pasafarming.org before Friday, August 10th. Interviews will be scheduled for late August and early September, with an anticipated October 1st start date.