Are you seeking a mentor for your grazing operation?

We partnered with Pennsylvania Grazing Lands Coalition to administer a grazing mentor program for new and beginning graziers in Pennsylvania. The PA Grazing Lands Coalition Mentor Program is designed to provide the beginning grazier with an experienced grazing partner who can help provide insight, support, and access to grazing information and farm-related resources.

New and beginning graziers of all species are welcome to apply to this program. The PA Grazing Lands Coalition mentorship team will review all incoming applications and match applicants with appropriate mentor candidates, as they are able.

If you already know a mentor you’d like to work with, you can submit a mentor candidate name with your application. Grazing mentors are paid a flat, annual fee for their work under the terms of the PA Grazing Lands Coalition Mentorship Agreement.

Applicants can also review a list of current grazing mentors here on PA Grazing Lands Coalition’s website.

Apply for grazing mentorship