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Half-Day Virtual Intensive New Soil Health Tools, Insights & Opportunities for Experienced Farmers

March 29, 2022 @ 10:00 am - 2:30 pm

Before you get swept up in the rush of the growing season, take a break from the field to get rooted in soil health at our virtual half-day intensive for experienced farmers and research collaborators. This event is suitable for vegetable, pastured livestock, and row crop farm managers or we recommend you have at least three years of experience managing soil health.

Learn about the latest data from Pasa’s Soil Health Benchmark Study, get research updates from Rodale Institute, discover new soil health and decision management tools for your farm, connect with other farmers and research collaborators, and find out about funding opportunities to support soil health practices on your farm. 

This advanced intensive is a great opportunity to soak up new, practical soil health knowledge and inspiration for the season ahead. Soil Health Benchmark Study research collaborators from Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Maine are strongly encouraged to attend.

Featuring: Sarah Bay Nawa of Pasa Sustainable Agriculture; Dr. Yichao Rui and Kegan Hilarie of Rodale Institute; Lisa Blazure of Pennsylvania Soil Health Coalition and Stroud Water Research Center; Jennifer Glennister of New Morning Farm; Ron Holter of Holterholm Farms; Dave Hunsberger of Happy Hollow Dairy; Sarah Hirsch of University of Maryland Extension; Suzette Truax of USDA-NRCS; Chris Lawrence of USDA-NRCS – Virginia, and Megan Chawner of Penn State Extension.

Check out the agenda and join us for the whole gathering or just the parts that fit your schedule.

10–11 am: Pasa welcome and research update from Rodale Institute
11–11:30 am: Soil health and decision management tools 
11:30 am–12 pm: Research update from Pasa’s Soil Health Benchmark Study
12–1 pm: Lunch/chore break (Research collaborators are welcome to stay on the line to ask questions about your Cornell Soil Health Test results.)
1–2 pm: Breakout groups for pastured livestock, row crop, and vegetable production systems
2–2:30 pm: Soil health funding opportunities 

This event is held in partnership with Future Harvest and Million Acre Challenge.


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Date: Tue, March 29, 2022

Time: 10:00 am - 2:30 pm

Cost: Member | $10 Standard | $20

Event Category: Pasa Events, Research