Set a course for improving your farm’s long-term economic viability.

Direct-market vegetable sales at farmers markets, CSAs, on-site farm stands, and other outlets are an $86 million industry in Pennsylvania. Yet, little information is available to guide vegetable farmers’ in making successful financial decisions.

Through our Diversified Vegetable Financial Benchmark Study, we’re helping veggie farmers improve their bottom line by plugging into a nationwide research project, coordinated by the University of Wisconsin, to determine financial benchmarks for diversified vegetable farmers.

What are benchmarks?

Benchmarks are industry standards, or points of reference, that you can use to measure your own performance against. They basically let you know what you’re doing well, and what you can improve on.

Why develop financial benchmarks for diversified vegetable farms?

Vegetable farmers can use financial benchmarks to see how healthy their business model is compared to the business models their peers. If your business is underperforming compared to similar businesses, you can learn what other farmers are doing to achieve better results. Financial benchmarks also provide farmers a clear idea of the typical returns they can expect from entering into new sales outlets.

Who can participate in the study?

If you own or manage a working diversified vegetable farm in Pennsylvania or surrounding states that’s either certified organic or using sustainable growing methods, you’re eligible to participate in the study.

What are the benefits of participating in the study?

Beyond contributing to a dataset that will help vegetable farmers everywhere more effectively improve their business models, you’ll also receive:

How can I participate?

Participating is simple.

As with all of our research projects, your farm’s data will be kept strictly confidential. We’ll only share general trends and insights.