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Chriss Effiong Associate Director for Human Resources


814.349.9856 x744

About Chriss

Chriss leads our human resources team in cultivating a high-performing and inclusive workplace. She works to improve our HR protocols and processes, while also encouraging employee wellbeing—and fun. 

Chriss has over 10 years of human resources and organizational leadership experience in healthcare, education, and tech-forward environments. She’s known for her transformational leadership style, taking advantage of opportunities for continuous improvement, and solving problems before they arise. She also created a new grant writing process and won a $5 million grant for Pennsylvania’s largest state-funded preschool. Her process improvement created hydroponic gardens in 20 classrooms in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

In her free time Chriss enjoys yoga, meditation, regrowing flowers, growing pineapples, and learning new languages.