Pasa and Kitchen Table Consultants are teaming up with diversified vegetable farmers like you analyze your farm’s finances and have productive, honest discussions about the state of your business and opportunities for improving your bottom line.

Because we’ve worked with you on previous consulting and research projects, we are inviting you to join us for our Advanced Farm Financials Consulting & Peer Roundtables this fall and winter. Exact dates will be determined based on participant availability. 

Pasa and KTC have been helping farms benchmark since 2017. We piloted our Advanced Farm Financials Consulting & Peer Roundtables model with three farms this past winter—the insights have been so valuable that our participants skipped a full day of spring field work to focus on building their management skills! Our work with you (valued at $3000 per farm) will be supported through a generous grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. 

Spots are limited.

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