Starting in March 2023, eligible frontline farm and meatpacking workers can apply for a one-time $600 COVID-19 relief payment through Pasa Sustainable Agriculture. Learn more.

You understand the fundamentals of building healthy soils, but you’re struggling to put everything you know into practice as you try to balance the long list of demands that come along with running a farm business.

During this webinar, we’ll explain how you can participate in our Soil Health Benchmark Study, a citizen-science project that will help you not only implement more sustainable soil management techniques, but also maximize yields and profits. We’ll additionally share highlights from our findings so far that demonstrate common soil health problems farmers are encountering, and how they’re working to fix them.

Farmers who join our Soil Health Benchmark Study receive:

  • three subsidized comprehensive soil tests from the Cornell Comprehensive Assessment of Soil Health (up to $330 value);
  • a personalized soil health benchmark report;
  • marketing resources to help you communicate your attention to soil health to your customers
  • opportunities to connect to a learning community of your peers