They say “What gets measured, gets managed.” Given that there is a lot to manage on a working farm, effective record-keeping tools are essential to the success of any farm business.
In this webinar, we’ll introduce FarmOS: a free, flexible, and powerful web-based tool for managing farm records for everything from crop planning, to pest management, to livestock inventories. FarmOS has a growing user base of farmers, researchers, and developers, including organizations like PASA, the University of Vermont Extension, and the US Forest Service.

FarmOS lead developer Mike Stenta will give an overview of how to get started in FarmOS. Among many other capabilities, FarmOS has tools for mapping crop fields, viewing soils maps, and “quick form” modules for tracking planting dates, field operations, and soil amendments. PASA’ Education Director Franklin Egan will also explain how FarmOS can be a great tool for contributing to PASA’s Soil Health Benchmark Study and other research projects. Farmers contributing to PASA Research can benchmark their practices against other farms and learn what’s typical – and possible – for maximizing cover crops, managing tillage, or reducing inputs.