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PASA Education Event - Mushroom Cultivation Intensive

April 8, 2017 Farmer-to-Farmer Exchange Event

Event Overview
  Quiet Creek Herb Farm & School of Country Living
  93 Quiet Creek Lane
  Brookville, PA 15825 
Mushroom Cultivation
Date & Time
  Saturday, April 8
  $45 Members
  $60 Non-members
Event Description
Discover the key concepts of growing, harvesting, preserving, cooking, and medicating with Shiitake and Oyster Mushrooms.
Registration will be open from 1/28/2017 to 4/7/2017 at noon.
Speaker & Host Information
Quiet Creek Herb Farm & School of Country Living Inc. is a 30-acre organic farm located north of Brookville in Jefferson and Clarion Counties, Pennsylvania dedicated to educating all ages about the importance of conservation, ecological thinking, and healthful living. Quiet Creek raises vegetables, fruits, herbs, mushrooms and flowers. The farm uses only organic techniques when fertilizing the plants, controlling weeds, and managing insects, bacteria, and fungi.

Claire and Rusty Orner have been stewards of Quiet Creek since 1996. Combined, the Orners have over 40 years of teaching experience and 60 years of organic farming experience.

Eric Burkhart provides landscape and forest management leadership at Shaver’s Creek and teaches courses for the School of Forest Resources on tree and shrub identification, nonnative invasive plants, and herbaceous forest plants. Eric also conducts research on native plants of economic and conservation importance, such as American ginseng and goldenseal, and offers practical guidance in forest farming, through related workshops and publications. His expertise includes: (1) identification of Pennsylvania plants, shrubs, trees, and vines; (2) native plant horticulture and plant husbandry; (3) economic and folk uses of plants in Pennsylvania and the region; (4) plant conservation and management policy; (5) nonnative, invasive plant identification and management; (6) temperate agroforestry practices (riparian forest buffers, windbreaks, forest farming); (7) non-timber forest products (edible/medicinal fungi and plants).
Do you allow walk-ins?
Sorry! Space is limited and we cannot allow walk-ins for this event. Call (814) 349-9856 x17 for more information.
Is there financial aid for this event?
Sorry, there is no scholarship for this specific event.
What should I prepare/bring with me to this event?
This event will be outside, so dress accordingly.
Bring a reusable water bottle to fill on site and stay hydrated.
Bring a note-taking device.
Remember your business cards- PASA events are an excellent networking opportunity.
Bring your questions! Make the most of this event by preparing several questions for the day.
Will food be served?
Yes, lunch is included with the registration fees. The menu has not yet been set.
What if I have food allergies?
After registering, please contact PASA with any food allergies or dietary restrictions. Requests made at least two weeks in advance can usually be accommodated.
Who do I contact if I have more questions about this event?
Please contact Dan Dalton at (814) 349-9856 x17 or for more information about this event.
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