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Submit a farm innovation

“That’s so simple it’s genius!”
“I wish I had thought of that!”
“I’ve got to do that on my farm!”

Have you ever said one of these things to yourself at a workshop, on a farm visit, or at a conference? Creativity runs deep in our community of farmers. We’re bringing this creativity into the spotlight at our conference by showcasing some of our community’s own farm innovations!

Our definition of a farm innovation is broad—it could be a tool you’ve designed, a process you’ve developed for planting, a harvest technique, or even a clever organizational method you’ve implemented for supplies or records. So get thinking about what innovation—big or small—has helped your farming systems become more efficient, successful, and trouble-free!

“When you start up your own farm, you tend to get tunnel vision on certain things. I know I was that way about cultivation. The Farm Innovations Show at the PASA Conference inspired me to think differently and improve upon my cultivation techniques. Implementing those cultivation ideas from the Farm Innovation Show has become a game changer for our farm.” —Dave Sandy, Healthy Harvest Farm


Using the information and photos you provide, our staff will create a poster about your farm innovation. All posters will be displayed at our 2019 Conference trade show. If you’d like, we’d love to also schedule select times for you to chat with curious conference attendees about your innovation. 

To participate, please fill out the submission form no later than January 15th. Our staff will notify you by January 22nd if your farm innovation was selected to be displayed. Farmers are welcome to submit more than one innovation. 

Submit a farm innovation