COVID-19 Resources for Farmers & Markets

2019 audio recordings

If you’d like purchase audio recording packages of select workshops from our 2019 Conference, you can contact Cocalico Print Shoppe at or (717) 336-4179. You can also complete this form and mail it to: Cocalico Print Shoppe, 205 E. Church Street, Stevens, PA 17578.

Note that these are audio recordings only and do not include video or presenter slides. Available packages include:

Soil and Ecosystem Health ($15)

  • No Till & Cover Crops Can Benefit All Crops & Management Systems
  • Organic Cropping & Weed Management with Humus-Based Soil Fertility
  • Composting Part 2: Separating the “Feel Good” From the “Real Good”
  • Managing High Tunnel Soil-Bourne Diseases
  • Nitrogen 301
  • Korean Natural Farming Recipes
  • Soil Health and Climate Change: An Opportunity for Agriculture?
  • Energy Efficiency Measures in Agriculture Operations
  • Climate Battery (Geothermal) Greenhouse: Construction & Early Results
  • Restoring Nature’s Relationships
  • Mushroom Compost: Busting Myths
  • Emerging Strategies for Adapting to Extreme Weather

Fruits, Vegetables & More ($25)

  • Growing a Medicinal Herb Farm From Scratch
  • Growing Chestnuts in the Northeast
  • Transitioning to Organic Produce Q&A
  • Managing Downy Mildew, Early Blight & Late Blight Using BioControls
  • How Are You Using Agroforestry on Your Farm?
  • Vegetable Farming Tools & Equipment Roundtable
  • Agroforestry Opportunities: Buffers & Beyond
  • Plasticulture for Small Farms
  • Fruit of the Rot: Diversify with Mushrooms
  • Organic Grape Production: New Tools Make Mid-Atlantic Growing Possible
  • Disease Identification Workshop
  • Sequential Planting of Cool Season Crops in a High Tunnel
  • How Water Works: Getting Irrigation to Do What You Want It to Do
  • Creating a Forest Garden
  • Crop Successions on Small Farms
  • Produce Diseases Report & Discussion: Preparing for the 2019 Season
  • Reducing Tillage in Organic Vegetable Cropping Systems
  • Smart Tools, Healthy Body
  • The Community Nursery
  • Lettuce Year Round
  • Root Vegetable Production
  • Succession Planting for Continuous Vegetable Harvests
  • Food Forest Parks: Creating Public Edible Ecosystems

Livestock & Row Crops ($15)

  • Multi-Species Grazing on a Family Farm – From Beginning to End
  • Highland Cattle: Naturally Sustainable
  • Pastured Cattle Fly IPM
  • Pastured Poultry
  • Pastured Permaculture: Building Independent Farms With Pasture & Ruminants
  • Pastured Pork Production
  • For the Love of Longwools, British Rare Breed Sheep
  • Marketing Grass-Fed Products
  • Hogs in Hedgerows
  • Industrial Hemp: A Fascinating and Frustrating Crop of the Future
  • Let’s Talk About Marketing Organic Animal Feed
  • Feeding the Farm From the Farm

Business & Marketing ($20)

  • The Ins & Outs of Content: Tell Your Story with Purpose & Strategy
  • Farm Labor 101: Understanding Agricultural Labor Laws
  • Trends in Social Media
  • Hosting Safe, Legally Secure Farm Events
  • Design Thinking: A Human-Centered Way to Reimagine Your Farm Business
  • Beyond the Numbers: Establishing Trends for Growth
  • Building a Managed Market
  • Rural Market & Farm Stand Success
  • Transitioning to Organic: Making the Production Leap
  • Bringing It All Together: A Case Study of An Urban Retail Food Hub
  • Next Level Market Sales with Technology, Skills & Special Programs
  • Is Wholesale Marketing a Viable Strategy?
  • Exploring Cooperative Marketing Opportunities for Chestnuts & Taste Evaluation
  • Past, Present, & Future: One Farm’s Take on Organic Farming
  • Navigating Chef to Farmer Restaurant Relationships
  • A Fun Approach to Accounting Systems
  • Customizable CSA Shares to Increase Sales
  • Sales & Marketing Strategies for Wholesale

Policy & Community ($15)

  • Sustainable Food Systems: Thinking Local by Looking Abroad
  • Queering the Food System: Farming & Sexuality
  • Farm & Food Advocacy: Engage Effectively With Your Elected Officials
  • Farm Bill Update: Positive Policy Change in a Fractured Political Landscape
  • Growing Urban Agriculture in PA: From Local Zoning to Site & Soil Issues
  • Engaging the Next Generation in Solving Critical Issues in Our Food System
  • Let Your Voice Be Heard on the National Organic Standards Board
  • Organizing for Land Access Policy Change in PA
  • Farm to Food Bank: How to Work with Food Banks to Feed Your Neighbors
  • Farming While Black: African Diasporic Wisdom for Farming
  • Sowing Change: Promoting Food Access Through Campus & Community Gardens
  • Local Food in Pennsylvania Schools

Value-Added & Beyond ($15)

  • Simple, Sustainable Beer Brewing
  • Adding Bees to Your Farm: Where to Start & What to Expect
  • The Self-Sustaining Apiary
  • Honey Bee Health & Organic Beekeeping Management Practices
  • Essential Elements: Salt & Cheesemaking
  • Vegetable Fermentation: Myriad Possibilities
  • A Leg Up Report: Building Blocks For New Locally Focused Meat Processors
  • Make Mead Like a Viking
  • Making & Using Traditional Cheese Starters

Keynote Sessions ($10)

  • Climate Change & Our Global Food System: A Call to Action! (Mike Hoffman)
  • Waste Not: The Moral Disconnect Between Food Waste & Hunger (Leah Lizarondo)
  • An Unlikely Collaboration: Who Can We Trust? (Michael Rozyne)