COVID-19 Resources for Farmers & Markets

Hone your craft, grow your business, advance your cause

We’re facing unprecedented challenges as we adapt to life during a pandemic. We’re also facing a historic opportunity for reimagining a more sustainable, healthy, and just food system. The need for exploring best practices, sharing lessons learned, and connecting with one another is greater than ever.

That’s why we’re committed to hosting our 30th Annual Sustainable Agriculture Conference in 2021…and we’re going virtual! 

While we deeply hope the threat of COVID-19 will have diminished well before our conference, we made the decision to host our conference virtually because we wanted to ensure that the 2,000+ farmers, food system professionals, and sustainable agriculture supporters who rely on our conference for honing their craft, growing their business, and advancing their cause continued to have access to the professional development education and resources our annual event provides. And, in order to plan a valuable and engaging virtual experience, we needed to begin planning for it many months in advance.

As always, our conference will feature:

  • a wealth of educational sessions that serve our diverse farming community
  • opportunities for online networking and socializing
  • a high-value sponsorship program that lets participants connect with experts, tools, and services that can support their work

Rather than span four full days as it usually would, our virtual conference will take place over the course of several weeks in January and early February. That way, you can take screen breaks and balance demands at home with attending virtual sessions and events this winter. 

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