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Posted: Mon, March 6, 2023

Hourly Pay Commensurate with Experience and Education Landenberg, PA job

Phone Number: 610-255-0100

Email: employment@northcreeknurseries.com

Primary Responsibilities:
• Harvest, wash and distribute produce from gardens
• Seed crops
• Water and fertilize (including mixing and measuring) plants
• Apply appropriate spray where and when needed
• Scout, observe and evaluate produce for eating and cooking
• Rototill, Transplant, Mulch
• Install trellis and other structures as needed
• Assist other departments, primarily Plant Trials & Gardens, as available
• Perform additional duties as required

Required Knowledge/Skills:
• General vegetable gardening knowledge, including identification
• Current undergraduate student of horticulture or a related field with a background and interest in garden maintenance
• Must be able to communicate effectively in English
• Must be able to do simple math calculations and conversions
• Must have a valid driver’s license
• Possess good time management and organizational skills
• Ability to work with team in the completion of gardening tasks
• Knowledge, proper use, and maintenance of tools (e.g., shears, knives, tiller, mower) or desire to learn
• Ability or desire to learn to operate tractor, electric golf cart, rototiller, mower