$$80/ton - $175/ton PA services

Phone Number: 307-203-2736

NEW ALTERNATIVE FEED: Taking Orders NOW for 2019/20 crop. Payment Due after delivery* this fall.
In 2019, we will have for sale up to 1200 tons of Grass Clipping Silage packaged in 1-ton poly lined super sacks with 4 lifting loops. Lock in your feed cost for 3 years!!!

Cost: Dependent upon Supreme Quality Alfalfa Prices as reported by the USDA – Lancaster County, PA.

Protein: 25%
TDN: 72%.
RFQ: 268

This silage will be fed as a 50/50 ration by dry matter basis, grass clipping silage to any low quality roughage (straw, utility hay, even poor quality hay). Once packaged and ensiled, silage has had upwards to a 7+ year shelf life. This Grass Clipping Silage does not mold after having the bag open for a week!

In a 50/50 ration, 1 ton feeds 100 head for a day.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming based Yellowstone Compact & Commodities Corp are the makers of the BioPac’r. This machine compresses and packages pasture grasses and turf grasses and is being offered to landscapers, small farmers, landfill operators, golf courses and sod growers.

We place a Product Liability Insurance Policy on every ton of feed we broker.