Posted: Mon, February 5, 2024

$23/hr Morgantown, PA job


Trees For Graziers (TFG) is an agroforestry company specializing in working with farmers to integrate trees into their grazing systems. We aim to make silvopasture adoption as simple as possible for farmers by offering consulting services, connecting farmers with funding, growing silvopasture-specific nursery stock, doing the planting as well as the post-planting care of trees. Our core operations are in Lancaster county, PA, where we have significantly increased the adoption of silvopasture since 2020.

Because of the seasonal nature of our work, spring is the most demanding season for our planting crew, and requires additional hands. For Spring 2024, we are looking for full-time seasonal crew members from March through early May.

About the position:

The planting crew forms the backbone of our services to farmers, getting trees in the ground where they will thrive and serve the farm for generations to come. Most of our planting is done by hand, using shovels or augers, but primarily shovels. We generally are at a different site every few days, with most of our sites within Lancaster County or within an hour. If sites are farther away and require staying overnight, lodging and a per diem will be provided.

We typically plan on working 10-hour days, Monday-Thursday every week during the Spring season, with Friday as a flex day in case we need to wrap up a job or we have to switch days due to weather. We generally do not work weekends.


Experience working outdoors is highly desirable. Our planting crew work is very similar to that of vegetable production or landscaping.

Be able to perform outside, physically demanding work, which includes carrying heavy loads, bending repeatedly, and walking distances over uneven terrain, all under varying weather conditions.

Ability to work well with a team.

Able to get to planting sites independently.

Crew members need to be dependable to show up and work when needed.

Positive attitude and strong work ethic.

Have a valid driver’s license and/or reliable transportation.


Working efficiently and effectively as part of a team, under supervision of a crew lead.

30-40+ hours/week (hours flex with weather and job conditions).

Flagging where trees are to go.

Pounding support stakes.

Digging or augering holes.

Planting trees correctly.

Installing tree shelters.

Driving a side-by-side.



Lodging and per diem on jobs requiring overnight stays.

Mileage reimbursement and time payment for travel over normal commute.

To apply:
Send a resume and cover letter with three references to

TFG is a growing company, with opportunities for more consistent work in the coming years. Seasonal crew who do well will be first to be considered for FT year-round positions as those become available. We are also always looking for on-call crew who are available to help out as needed on projects. Those perform as independent contractors, without any obligation on either end, but the ability to do projects as TFG has extra work.