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Posted: Thu, September 24, 2020

Boyertown, PA free


ROOSTERS – – FREE to a FARM who will let them be ROOSTERS

I have a 1 y/o Black Silkie rooster and a 4 month-old RIR rooster who need a farm to roam and do their rooster thing. The silkie does a great job protecting his ladies despite his small stature. The RIR is currently scared of me but certainly knows how to use his newfound crow and manhood. He loves his ladies. While they are great at their jobs, my neighbors’ patience is being tested as they begin their enthusiastic crowing quite early and proceed to “sing” on and off all day. And, their manly needs are starting to take a toll on my pretty ladies. I don’t want chicks from eggs so right now, they’re just getting some from my girls and stressing out too many of them. While I adore them, I want them to have a home where they can do all their rooster things and love life! I live in SE PA and would love to get them a great home with freedom roam, roost, and crow their little hearts out! Will meet to deliver within reason.