Posted: Mon, April 26, 2021

$500.00 Mechanicsburg sale

Phone Number: 7174605600


Proven Nigerian Dwarf breeder buck for sale (with free companion wether)

Ollie – (Oliver Twist – according to his papers) is a 5 year old (2016) Nigerian Dwarf goat. A proven breeder buck, he is very friendly, easy maintenance and an overall healthy buck. We have never had any health issues with him. He produces healthy offspring that are great milkers and breeders too. We have papers upon request.
Chili – one of Ollie’s offspring. His bonded companion and friend. Chili is a a wether and is rather spastic. He was not well socialized as a young goat, so he is difficult to catch but is content to be wherever Ollie is.

Please reach out with any questions
Call or Text Sarah at 717-460-5600