$$13-16/hour Chestnut Hill, Philly PA wanted

Phone Number: 4106937203

Backyard Eats brightens lives by sharing the magic of food gardening.

We design, install, and maintain attractive and functional gardens that yield high-quality produce in our clients backyards. We are looking for a professional to join our small team to help us build and maintain gardens.

Flexibility: We allow employees up to 1 day of the week to fulfill other commitments, with some exceptions during the busiest period (May-June). Starting in December, work will be much slower with installations only, as weather allows. Work picks back up again in March.

Job Activities (on the job training is offered):

Build exceptional quality raised bed gardens, including clearing, leveling grade, assembling wood, hauling & mixing soil, installing irrigation, trellising, and fencing.
Sow seeds and transplant vegetable starts according to a pre-defined planting plan. Install plant supports.
Maintain gardens with weeding, pruning, and training, and application of organic insect and fungal disease controls, and harvest produce.
Learn to identify pests & diseases, critter damage, understand the needs and growth habit of almost 100 varieties of vegetable crops, and understand watering and fertilizer needs.

2 years experience in landscaping, gardening, or farming, or some combination of those
Personal vehicle
Heavy lifting and physical work in hot conditions (with paid breaks)
Passion for sharing the homegrown food experience with others.