Posted: Wed, May 11, 2022

$15 - $25 PER HOUR Bluffton, GA job


Job Title: White Oak Pastures – Pastured Poultry Production Manager
Report To: Director of Livestock
Status: Full Time
Location: Bluffton, GA
Preferred Start Date: 06.01.22
Wage: Agriculture Overtime Exempt: Hourly: $15.00 – $25.00
White Oak Pastures is a 3,000-acre polyculture regenerative farm producing high
quality, nutrient dense food using holistic management for: grass fed cattle, grass fed
small ruminants, pastured poultry & waterfowl, pastured hog, pastured rabbit.
Additionally, White Oak Pastures owns and operates all of its own processing facilities,
has a fully-functional organic market garden, and a zero-waste makers space for
creating value-added products ranging from dog treats to leather products.
Pastured Poultry Production Manager
The Pastured Poultry Production Manager will be the leader on the farm in all aspects of
the production and management of high quality, humanely treated poultry. The role will
be responsible for 6 sub-enterprises: Broilers, Layers, Ducks, Turkeys, Geese, and
Guineas. Success in this position requires the ability to coordinate all stages of a bird’s
life, from brooder to processing at the White Oak Pastures poultry plant, while also
maintaining respect and understanding of the other enterprises on-farm. The role will
require daily management of a crew of up to 8 people, with a blend of in-the-field work
along with administrative duties, record keeping, and data coordination. Ownership
mentality of the enterprise is encouraged.
Responsibilities and Duties:
● Field crew management relating to daily operations including but not limited to:
o Field set preparation, moving, monitoring, and feeding
o Field set construction, design, and maintenance with help of carpentry
o Brooder space preparation, monitoring, and feeding
o Set & brooder protection (guard dog health, electronet fencing,
temperature adjustments)
o Catching of birds on day of processing
o Water systems function
o Egg collection
● Coordination of incoming and outgoing poultry including but not limited to
o Ordering of all species on a set schedule in line with processing
o Weekly and monthly planning and directing of processing activities
o Establishing processing priorities for products
o Adjustment of order sizes in line with needs of processing
o Relationship management with hatcheries
● Coordination of weekly feed orders for all poultry species and any needed
supplies for the efficient operation of poultry production
● Continuous record keeping, data collection, monitoring, and evaluation in
coordination with livestock data manager relating to
o Feed conversion rates
o Weekly weights of all species
o Mortality monitoring
● Interviewing, Hiring, Performance Evaluation, Administer Disciplinary Actions
● Training of crew to ensure safe and proper use of all equipment, processes, and
systems in place for efficient operation
● Continuous engagement with Director of Livestock and Board of Directors to
ensure clear tracking of progress of poultry department
● Be able to work a range of hours per day, lift 50lbs, drive responsibly, and be on
their feet daily
● Operation of tractors and farm equipment when necessary
The ideal candidate should have the skills to be able to learn rapidly on the job to adjust
to the continuously changing stream of work, manage a crew of farmers, multi-task, and
be comfortable with basic record keeping. White Oak Pastures is truly a family farm,
and the ideal candidate for the role should be comfortable working with others, relying
on others when needed, and be willing to leave the ego at the door. White Oak Pastures
is an ever-evolving regenerative farm, and the ideal candidate will need adaptability and
willingness to be a collaborative team player.
Please submit resume to John Benoit, Director of Livestock
White Oak Pastures, PO Box 98, Bluffton, GA 39824