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various vegetable tools

$1800.00 as a discount package, or priced individually cresco, PA

Refrigerated Box Truck

$$20,000 PERKASIE

Perennial Fruit Manager at Hutchins Farm (Concord MA)

$Compensation will be commensurate with experience. Compensation will also depend on what kind of supplementary responsibilities the applicant would like to assume in the vegetable production operation during the periodic lulls in perennial fruit management. All employees at Hutchins Farm are welcome to harvest vegetables and fruit for themselves throughout the season. Housing is currently not available on the farm. We are working towards remedying that, but it is unlikely there will be any housing for the 2019 season. Concord MA

Assistant Livestock Manager

$Salary Carversville, PA

Beef Herd Reduction – 100% Grass Fed Red Devons

$Call for details Mount Joy, PA

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