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Posted: Wed, September 21, 2022

1100+/Month Salary Plus Full Room and Board Hustontown, PA job

Phone Number: 814 448 3904

Email: jobs@newmorningfarm.net

Organic Vegetable Grower Apprenticeship, New Morning Farm

We are a 25 acre, highly diversified (40+crops), organic vegetable farm managed by a team of 10 apprentices and experienced growers. We focus our production towards our highly successful farmers markets in Washington D.C. To meet market demand, we strive to consistently produce high quality produce every week through season extension and succession plantings. We also sell many amazing veggies, fruits, and foods from our neighbors in the country, at our markets. With a 50-year history, we are constantly striving to improve our systems and be sustainable with regards to our soil and environment, our people, and our business.
Our apprentices are trained to manage a variety of crops and jobs on the farm. While apprentices spend a significant amount of time transplanting, weeding, irrigating, harvesting, and marketing, the primary role of each apprentice is to manage their areas of responsibility. Each person has the opportunity to engage in learning about organic vegetable production, marketing fresh produce, people/labor management, and problem solving. The farm is well developed and established, offering a great opportunity for beginning farmers to learn from seasoned experts.
Previous work on farms and/or outdoor physical labor is helpful but not necessary. Enthusiasm, work ethic, organization, communication, and willingness to work as a team are qualities that make for a successful apprenticeship. Compensation includes a monthly salary plus full room and board.
Please visit www.newmorningfarm.net/employment for more information about the apprenticeship and to apply.
2019 season video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dK4EWqDhC98&feature=emb_logo