Posted: Mon, June 28, 2021

18.00 per hour 516 Oysterdale Road, Oley, Pa 19547 job

Phone Number: 4843369979


Oley Valley Organics Farm Manager

Oley Valley Organics is a Pennsylvania certified organic farm established in 2007. We have approx 8 acres in production. We grow and sell asparagus, strawberries, garlic, tomatoes, salad greens, sweet corn and other seasonal produce, starter plants, soil compost and holiday wreaths. Please visit our website at for more information about us. We are hiring a Farm Manager who has experience working on an organic farm. We seek a team player ready to help take our fast-paced, farm to the next level. You will help manage all aspects of the farm including; manage the workforce of part-time, seasonal teammates; help develop and implement the annual planting plan; assist in organic farm record-keeping; ensure food production safety rules are followed; set up irrigation systems; use tractors, rototillers, and mowers; shovel soil and manure; use rakes, hoes, hammers, saws, picks, duct tape and whatever else is required to get stuff done; identify insect pests – eliminate/control insect pests; identify plant diseases – eliminate/control plant diseases; fertilize crops; harvest crops; fix fences; paint stuff; feed horses, pigs and chickens; and just about any other kind of work you can imagine could be possible on an organic farm.