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Posted: Mon, September 21, 2020

top market value for the crop per acre eugene wanted

Phone Number: 9132193473



I am an assistant to a crop artist and we are looking to “rent” or “lease” out short term a 2-3 acre plot of land to create a sustainable, biodegradable image for a large scale project.

The project would extend a months time, and the image itself would last until the owner decides to take apart the piece for future harvest or until it naturally degrades. The image is neither permanent nor damaging to crops or the land itself.

If this is something you’d be interested in, or know someone who is, please contact us. We are looking for flat to semi-elevated land that is either grass, alfafa, hay or soybeans. We will compensate for the land and the crop harvested.

Plus, you get to be apart of something great! We are in Penn for the next few days to look.