$9 /Hr Kempton/PA services Jose Ohv

I am looking for my friends a placement for this 2019 season , any position as field worker and panking tasks, tractor driving , some cualified as trainee or regular worker with experience. We understand that farm work needs a fast and even work with good acttitude as a farm manager send us to do the tasks. We would like at least 6 months of work or trainee. The wage or rate is negotiable .
If You as farmer or Organization need 1 or more, we can go in group of to 2 or 4 .
As farm worker I understand fruit, vegetable livestock task is hard work , but easy if we like and enjoy . So I have been worked with organic a conventional farmers . The unique diference is that we look in our job is to do fast, good work with good acttitude as well.

You can contact me to my number or leave me a messege, some times there is no service in my area.

I think if we are efficient workers You can save money and have less workers or have the same and You can get done all your tasks(seeding, weeding, harvesting, and more)