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Posted: Tue, September 6, 2022

See above Narberth / PA sale

Phone Number: 6106139404

Email: agp613@gmail.com

For sale, Paperpot system, Quick Cut Harvester, JP 4 Seeder, Winstrip Trays, Kwik Klik seeder and more!

I’m selling a lot of recently purchased farm tools. All of these tools where purchased in 2021, used for the 2021 season and have not been used this year.
They are all in good shape and are all being sold for 20% off what they cost new.
Please reach out if you are interested in any of them, pick up only.

I have pics of everything if interested.

Thanks, Adrian

Quick Cut Greens harvester, 5 extra blades and replacement parts – $676

Paper Pot Transplanter – $699

Kwik Klik, V2 seeder for Paper Pots, includes PP bottom frame, and 4 top plates (5mm by 3mm, 4mm by 3mm, 2.5mm by 1.5mm, 6.5mm by 3mm – $731

6 spreader frames for Paper Pot – $240

Dibbler for Paper Pot – $200

JP4 (same frame as JP5 but with 4 hoppers – my preference for salad green spacing) $1,250

JP Rollers – 4 LJ-24, 4 X-24, 4 G-24, 2 R-24, 3F-24 – $24 each.

Paper Pot Trays, 50 trays available – $6.5 each

Winstrip Trays 72s, 13 trays available – $7.90 each

Winstrip Trays 50s, 15 trays available – $7.90 each

Paper Pot inserts – LP303-5. Full box of 75 – $215, half box of 38 insert – $108

I also have many AEA products, Please inquire if interested.