Posted: Wed, March 24, 2021

$14 Oley, PA wanted


30 hours per week; M-F. $14 per hour. Farm experience a must. Opportunity for growth.

Role: The field manager is responsible for leading the field crew and day labor: demonstrating and adjusting technique, pace, and methods of the field crew members to align with best practices during all tasks (i.e. harvest, field maintenance, etc). Need to be attending to the completion of tasks while constantly improving speed, efficiency, and paying close attention to ensure tasks are being completed correctly. Field manager is also required to record harvest data and daily progress reports, and problem solve. Field manager is responsible for all harvest orders (which can be for the market, kitchen, or customer orders) while managing, delegating, and working alongside the crew to ensure the harvest is complete, correct, and coordinate the harvest getting where it needs to go. You will be reporting to and supporting the field operation that is run by our director of propagation.

Role Specifics: Necessary skills: You must be self-directed and self-motivated and have a desire to see projects through to completion; while being punctual, also allowing for the flexibility required by the changing of the seasons and obligations; able to work outside in ALL weather conditions (rain, snow, wind, heat, cold, etc); physically fit and able to lift up to 60 lbs; willingness and ability to maintain direct and healthy communication with managers, crew members, and other personnel, as well as to receive feedback and ask questions; must have reliable transportation in order to go between the different farm properties when needed. This is a hands-on job where you will be managing and working with the crew.

Please note that this job description is not comprehensive. Activities, duties, and/or responsibilities may change at any time.

Available immediately.