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Farm Team – Livestock Assistant, Flemington NJ

Livestock Assistant
Position Overview
The Livestock Assistant is responsible for the daily care of all livestock (poultry, swine, and beef). Tasks include providing feed, unrestricted access to clean water, and adequate quantities of clean, dry bedding.
Duties and Responsibilities
• General
o Comply with all company policies and procedures, including Employee Handbook, Standard Operating Procedures, and Farm Safety Programs.
o Operate farm equipment such as tractors and skid loaders.
o Perform basic maintenance on farm equipment and facilities including regular checks of fluid levels such as engine and hydraulic oil, and engine coolant.
o Assist with keeping all farm facilities, grounds, and equipment in a safe, clean and orderly condition. Report safety issues to the Livestock Manager.
o Assist with haymaking as needed.
o Assist with snow removal as needed.
o Be observant of any discrepancies or irregularities and report such issues to the Livestock Manager in a timely manner. Regularly check that gates are closed, fences are operational and livestock water systems are functioning.
o Manage vegetation along fence lines with hand-held tools as needed to ensure proper function of electric fence.
o Assist with controlling operating costs by minimizing any potential waste of resources and by making suggestions for reducing costs and/or improving efficiency.
o Work weekends, after hours, holidays, and during emergencies as necessary to meet the farm’s operating and animal welfare needs.
o Ability to perform physical requirements of position.
o Perform other duties as assigned.
• Poultry
o Check water system for cleanliness, leaks, icing, and proper function.
o Collect, wash, pack, and refrigerate eggs per store and distribution requirements.
o Check and refill feeders and oyster shell as required.
o Clean egg packing room per Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s).
o Observe and report any animal health or welfare concerns to the Livestock Manager.
o Rotate poultry pastures as appropriate.
o Clean and install fresh bedding for nesting boxes.
• Swine
o Check water system for cleanliness, leaks, icing, and proper function. Clean water bowls
o Provide fresh bedding as needed/directed.
o Observe and report any animal health or welfare issues to the Livestock Manager.
o Assist with administrating health treatments, moving, sorting, and loading as requested.
o Rotate on pastures as appropriate.

• Cattle
o Check water system for cleanliness, leaks, and proper function.
o Provide fresh feed and bedding as directed.
o Observe and report any animal health or welfare issues to the Livestock Manager.
o Assist with administration of health treatments, moving, sorting, restraining, and loading cattle as needed.
o Rotate cattle on pastures as appropriate.

The duties, elements, responsibilities, skills, functions, experience, requirements, and conditions listed in this job description are representative only and are not inclusive of all tasks an employee may be required to perform. The employer reserves the right to revise this job description at any time and require employees to perform other tasks as circumstances or conditions of the business, competition, or work environment change.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration without discrimination because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, member or activity in local commission, the presence of disabilities, sexual orientation, age, or any other characteristic protected by law.