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Posted: Mon, September 28, 2020

Bellefonte, Pa job


Farm Production Manager

Company Overview
We are a start-up, micro, organic farm located in Bellefonte, PA. We are loosely structured around a bio-dynamic cycle. We exercise sustainable, organic permaculture agricultural practices.

Farm Description
Our farm has 20 acres in total with 6 greenhouses, a metal shop building, a metal barn and outbuilding, 3 acres of fenced in pasture, covered outdoor storage area and approximately 10 acres of fields. Our focus is to develop a vertical farm with high-density methods. Our goal is to utilize the greenhouses and fields to grow flowers and vegetable plants for wholesale sale. Our on-site Farm Market sells table vegetables, fruits and berries.

Farm Production Manager Scope of Work
The Farm Production Manager will oversee all aspects of field and greenhouse production for the farm. They will be responsible for the development and execution of an annual grow plan that supports the overall business objectives. The Farm Production Manager is responsible for the production of all field and greenhouse grown crops, operational maintenance, farm team management and general operational management.

People & Business Management
Ensure operation is fully staffed to meet the seasonal demands of the business.
Effectively communicate production information to pack house and retail teams.
Effectively train team on; farm safety, FSMA, GAP requirements, planting, cultivation, pruning, fertilizing and harvesting safety.
Assist with budget planning, equipment sourcing, ASP compost production (monitoring and sourcing raw materials) and new building projects.
Develop annual crop plan, budget and sales forecast with the farm owner for all aspects of field and greenhouse production and their sub-departments.
Manage clerical operations; record keeping, fertilization application, crop citations, waters logs, inventory and waste management.
Be an advocate for compliance and constantly check facilities for disrepair.
Delegate responsibilities to field and greenhouse staff and supervisor their work.

Field & Greenhouse Production
Preparation; calculating and spreading fertilizer; calibration of equipment; tillage, bed prep, shaping beds, laying plastic or organic mulch.
Planting; set-up and manage transplant jobs with field crew supervisors; direct seeding vegetable crops and cover crops and manage row covers, oversee and grow a variety of plants in the greenhouse, set plant care schedule.
Cultivation; hoeing, hand-weeding, staking and trellising crops; set-up cultivators; developing and scheduling cultivation priorities; pest management, scouting fields and troubleshooting as needed; selecting materials, procurement, making spray calculations and spraying crops.
Irrigation; operate pumps, drip irrigation, solid set irrigation and hard hose traveler; maintain inventory of irrigation supplies and repair or purchase as needed within set budget. Position and regulate plant irrigations and fertilizations systems and program environmental and irrigation control computers.
Harvest; Daily communication with Wholesale Manager, Farm Market and Retail Management about crop availability and field/greenhouse conditions; operate mechanical harvest equpiment, explore ways to improve processes for more efficient growth cycle and harvest yields.
Equipment Maintenance; monitor and change fluids; maintain cleanliness and health of all farm and greenhouse equipment; perform basic maintenance, maintain inventory of all farm supplies and purchase as needed within set budget.

Qualifications & Requirements

Bring more than 5+ years of organic field and greenhouse farming experience along with mechanical ability.
Management ability (planning, forecasting, pricing, procurement)
Well versed in use of MS office software, Word, Excel, PowerPoint as well as use of internet and email.
Quickbooks experience preferred but not required
Operations/Troubleshooting/Repair of various farm equipment and implements
Knowledge of practical farming and greenhouse techniques with focus on process/efficiency improvements

Physical Demands

Ability to operate farm equipment; tractor, skid steer, tractor drawn implements for up to 8-10 hours daily.
Ability to stand for long periods of time, walk, reach with hands and arms, as well as
stooping, kneeling, crouching and climbing.
Applicants must have a valid driver’s license, reliable transportation and the ability to lift at least 50 lbs. often.
Ability to work in extreme weather from coldest windy winter to hot humid summer conditions.
Ability to safely utilize ladders and platforms approx. 12 ft off the ground.

Competitive Salary
Incentivized bonus program