Posted: Thu, February 13, 2020

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Phone Number: 4106102857


Farm Manager Position for Windswept Farm and RE Farm Cafe, LLC – Immediate Opening

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The Farm Manager will develop and manage all aspects of Windswept Farm production fields including growing vegetables, fruits and herbs using biodynamic, organic methods; manage and care for the animals (currently chickens, ducks, lambs, and pasture pigs) on the farm; identify and sell in local markets (including but not limited to RE Farm Café, an on-line market and CSA); manage staff & interns; work with volunteers of all ages and experience; and speak to public groups that frequent the farm and RE Farm Cafe. The Farm Manager will be an employee of the RE Farm Café, LLC and will be supervised by the managing members of the LLC.

This position requires a strong, practical knowledge of agricultural skills, animal husbandry, and overall farm management best practices. A passionate commitment to providing healthy foods grown in an ecologically responsible manner is essential. The manager has primary responsibility for the planning, coordination and implementation of all work and activities at Windswept Farm. Windswept Farm includes 57 acres of pasture and woods, and currently has roughly eight acres under plow with the potential to add more in the future as needed.

Salary will be based on experience. Housing (two bedroom apartment) and basic utilities are provided on the farm and are part of the compensation package. Additional benefits include paid leave, health insurance, and retirement plan. Produce, meat and café meals may be available for personal consumption (without, or for minimal, costs). The RE Farm Café, LLC is interested in retaining the right individual for a long-term commitment and may offer ownership opportunities after a certain tenure.