$$2400 for everything but can negotiate a little, way more than that in it. Roaring Branch sale john e manz

Jersey heifer fresh December 11, 2018, easy milker, giving 40 # a day average on mixed hay and very little grain could do more but is not being pushed, giving enough milk and cream for us, chickens and 3 pigs. Quiet, leads on a rope and responds to voice somewhat. Milking her in her stall, don’t have stanchion. Equipment is Delaval bucket with everything new this lactation, 2 vacuum pumps, homemade reservoir , all new parts for pulsator, stainless bucket, strainer, pads, dip, cleanser and sanitizer, acid cleaner, udder wash, 2 new stallcocks, and piping, also new separator and bulk pasteurizer. Breed her to whatever bull you want, very nice looking cow, well hung, good feet. Need to get rid of all the critters finally got to old and grandkids need their pap. Take her home and milk tonight. Thanks, J.