Beaver County services


I just moved to the area with my wife who is a veterinarian. I have 5+ years of experience in farming and equipment operation/maintenance. I am dedicated to contributing and learning more about sustainable agriculture by working with farmers and organizations that understand and promote the importance of our ecosystem and the integrated system of plant and animal production practices.

• Manual and mechanical planting and cultivating of vegetables and field crops, including tilling soil, transplanting, weeding, thinning, and pruning.
• Harvesting crops, including cleaning, packing, and loading picked products.
• Use of hand tools, power tools and farm machinery such as table saws, drills, tractor
operation, manual truck and trailer driving. Skilled at repairing mowers, balers,
cultivators and water pumps.
• Constructing trellises and fences, basic building repair, and installation of drip irrigation
• Animal husbandry, including breeding, birthing and hand raising young. Comfortable
with livestock food preparation, herding to pasture and chutes, cleaning and disinfecting stalls, examining animals to detect diseases or injuries, giving topical and oral medication, administering vaccinations, band castration and hoof care.
• Organizing and engaging in farm sales through farmer’s markets and farm events.

• Ability to work in extreme weather conditions and physically fit.
• Very organized, adaptable, and a lifelong learner.
• Business and tech savvy.
• Excellent time management.
• Passionate about community engagement and youth education.

Please email with questions or opportunities you have. I am happy to provide a full resume with references.

Thank you.